now we got a big, big mess on our hands tonight x

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I was stalking the vce tag and just wanted to say that I have my last revs sac soon too and I'm v excited and I'm proud of u for making it this far in revs and not jumping off a bridge

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haha thanks, yeah revs is a bit rough, it’d suck if i didn’t love it so much

good luck on your last sac!! 

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i took a shower to procrastinate doing this history work and the shower went cold in less than a minute i’m so disappointed with life 

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i do not have the amount of motivation that revs requires right now like you mean i need historians quotes and legitimate evidence to back up my essay i’m not cool with that rn

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"Can we do work in frees?"

that went well for you didn’t it 

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motivation is a myth.

that’s my working theory but i keep seeing people actually trying and like how ?????

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how the hell do people stay motivated at this end of the year i took a nap at like 10am this morning bc i could not conjure up the energy to even look at any of the sac prep or revision i have piled up 

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this is artemis she’s my new fave 😍😍

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"Butch/femme couples inherently replicate heterosexual relationship dynamics" is the pretentious way of saying "lol but who’s the man"

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Scream it from the top of your lungs, lungs, lungs
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we’ll go down in history // remember me for centuries
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